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La fabrication du papier Art Artisanat


"Explore your soul in search of truth, care for yourself with kindness, light your inner path".


Art therapy is an approach of counselling focused on self-expression through a creative process. This approach is based and centred on the principle of specifically using artistic materials to translate the symbolic representation of lived life experiences into images to give them meaning (such as unresolved conflicts, retained emotional charges, recurring stress symptoms, confused or static physical sensations, etc.). Through the lines, shapes and/or colours of imagery, it is possible to express thoughts and emotions that would otherwise be difficult to articulate. That being said, the creations collect subtle and subliminal messages from the unconscious by revealing underlying psychological difficulties, concerns and struggles, like a mirror that reflects them. This is what characterizes the uniqueness of art therapy.

In a therapeutic setting, creative activities (such as drawing, painting, collage or sculpture) aim to enable the person to achieve a more intimate understanding of one’s self, problem solving, stress relief or simply evolution and wellness.

It should be noted that it is not necessary to consider oneself creative in order to enjoy the benefits of art therapy. Therefore, no talent, skill or artistic experience is required. Aesthetics is not a goal to be achieved in the context of the sessions. Rather, the image created offers a path of introspection and a powerful way to reconnect with oneself.



I work mainly with adults and teenagers in their personal and introspective development.

Click on the tab to find out more and the consultation reasons for people to come seek art therapy.


Here are the types of sessions available.

Individual Consultation

One-to-one meetings for adults and teenagers (ages 14 and up) lasting 60 minutes or 90 minutes, depending on your choice.


60 minutes

Investment: $90 (plus tax)

Students: $70 (plus tax)

90 minutes

Investment: $135 (plus tax)

Students: $105 (plus tax)

Image de pure julia

Group Therapy

180-minute group sessions for adults.

Investment: $600 (plus tax) for 12 weeks


Meetings of between 60 and 120 minutes are offered in a group setting at my office, or directly in the workplace for people who wish to take part in an initiative activity of art therapy.

Image de Sarah Brown
Image de Jonathan Borba


Different packages are available for moms and dads-to-be to experience an introspective journey before the arrival

of their little one. 

Individual consultations or group workshops.


We are passionate and competent experts, united in our goal to provide exceptional services and meet our customers' needs efficiently and professionally.

Fleurs d'iris
Image de Chris Anderson


Here you can read or view more about art therapy and its benefits.

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