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My work focuses mainly on accompanying adults (men and women) aged 18 to 65, as well as teenagers aged 14 and over. I use art therapy as a therapeutic space to help them express themselves and explore various life experiences. The aim is to guide them on their personal journey, enabling them to discover, identify or understand the unconscious sources of the psychological, emotional and/or physical obstacles they face. All this is designed to promote well-being and inner balance.

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Consultation Reasons

(not limited to the following)

  • Personal growth

  • Body sensations

(e.g., muscle tension, chronic pain, fatigue, lack of sensation, symptoms of menopause / andropause, etc.)

  • Self-esteem / self-assertiveness

  • Quest for identity and/or meaning in life

  • Knowledge of oneself / self-awareness

  • Life stages / transition

  • Symptoms of stress

  • Exhaustion

(e.g., physical, emotional and/or intellectual fatigue related to work or personal life)

  • Perinatality

(e.g., issues related to pregnancy, preparation for the arrival of a child, parental identity, infertility, postpartum symptoms, traumatic delivery, etc.)

  • Emotional wounds of childhood

  • Emotion management and expression

(e.g., sadness, shame, anger, guilt, jealousy, fear, etc.)

  • Relationship issues

(e.g., family, friends, love life, etc.)

  • Grief

(e.g., death, separation / divorce, job loss, abortion, miscarriage, etc.)​

  • Self-compassion, Self-care

  • Symptoms related to a traumatic event

  • Difficult and/or traumatic experiences 

(e.g. events related to violence, abuse, abandonment, etc.)

  • Addiction

(*** Only accepts people who are already sober and want to maintain their sobriety; those who have relapsed will be referred to an addiction rehabilitation center).

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