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At Concevoir : Centre de ressources périnatales et familiales


At Concevoir, our team is skilled and caring. We offer a warm and personalized experience to our customers, responding to their needs in a comprehensive way. With specialists in manual therapy, perinatal educators and birth attendants, who work closely with a psychosocial intervention team, we provide physical, psychological and emotional support to those who wish to thrive.


Our diversity of experience enables us to approach our clients' difficulties holistically. We create an environment where people feel listened to, supported and understood. Our team is passionate about its work and committed to supporting each individual throughout their journey to promote their overall well-being.

We are proud of our diverse and dedicated team, offering superior services for a fulfilling experience, whether in the field of perinatal care or any other issue.

Meet my wonderful colleagues

External collaborators 

The Concevoir team is distinguished by its dynamic composition, combining in-house professionals with expert external collaborators. This synergy enables us to offer our customers a wide range of in-depth services.

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